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We also provide Catering Services

Food can be customized to your party needs and dietery reistrictions and dishes not listed on the menu can also be prepared. Please call for more information

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About Us

An International Vacation at Your Table

Desi Dhaaba is one of those hidden gems awaiting your discovery. Opening its doors just this year, Desi Dhaaba is a welcoming oasis in a desert wasteland of forgettable, fast food franchises. Located just a few minutes from U.S. Route 41 at 3900 Washington, in Gurnee Desi Dhaaba promises to be your wellspring of delicious, authentic, Indian fare prepared and served in a humble manner that never overtakes the real star here, the food.

Like the traditional Dhaabas in India, Desi Dhaaba combines that Traditional Indian Roadside Grill with the American tradition of providing solid, satisfying, comfort food fast with taste and value in mind. Our menu is your passport to an authentic tour of the marvelous tastes waiting to be discovered